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Consists of the document_ID (unique identifier) and the document_title (description of the content of the document), separated by two underscores.
The project-specific unique identifier of the document. It consists of the abbreviation for the site (TD for Tell el-Daba), the abbreviation for the document type (e.g. DR for Digital Resource) and an inventory number (or, if there was no inventory number, an ID with the prefix 4DPuzzle was created, e.g. 4DPuzzle1234).
A description of the content of the document.  It allows information about the contents of the file to be understood by a human being without opening it.
Whether access to the resource is restricted or if it is open to the public.
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ID Filename
11 TD_DB_4DPuzzle16789__TD_Befund_F-II
1 TD_DR_4DPuzzle13231__TD_Freskeninventar_Ergaenzung3
2 TD_DR_4DPuzzle13232__TD_H_Freskeninventar
3 TD_DR_4DPuzzle13233__TD_H_Freskenzeichnungen_Relief
4 TD_DR_4DPuzzle13235__TD_H_Freskeninventar_Ergaenzung1
5 TD_DR_4DPuzzle13238__TD_Freskeninventar_Fotos
6 TD_DR_4DPuzzle13244__TD_H-VI_Kleinfunde
7 TD_DR_4DPuzzle13245__TD_H_Freskenkisten
8 TD_DR_4DPuzzle13246__TD_F-II_Siegelinventar
9 TD_DR_4DPuzzle13247__TD_Bibliographie_Fresken
10 TD_DR_4DPuzzle16788__TD_Befund_A-II
12 TD_DR_4DPuzzle16790__TD_Befund_H-VI
13 TD_DR_4DPuzzle16791__TD_Befund_R-II
14 TD_DR_4DPuzzle16792__TD_Bilddatenbank
15 TD_DR_4DPuzzle16793__TD_Befund_R-I_Silices
16 TD_DR_4DPuzzle16794__TD_Keramik_Aston_TDXII
17 TD_DR_4DPuzzle16795__TD_Keramik_Keramikeingabe
18 TD_DR_4DPuzzle16796__TD_Befund_R-I_Keramik
19 TD_DR_4DPuzzle16798__TD_Befund_Freskeninventar_H-I_H-IV
20 TD_DR_4DPuzzle17751__TD_Keramik_Müller_TDXVII
21 TD_DR_4DPuzzle17808__TD_Keramik_Forstner-Mueller_TDXVI
22 TD_DR_4DPuzzle17838__TD_Auswertung_F-I
23 TD_DR_4DPuzzle17839__TD_Abrechnung_Datenbankstruktur
24 TD_DR_4DPuzzle18594__TD_Literaturdatenbank

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