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Consists of the document_ID (unique identifier) and the document_title (description of the content of the document), separated by two underscores.
The project-specific unique identifier of the document. It consists of the abbreviation for the site (TD for Tell el-Daba), the abbreviation for the document type (e.g. P for Protocol) and an inventory number (or, if there was no inventory number, an ID with the prefix 4DPuzzle was created, e.g. 4DPuzzle1234).
A description of the content of the document.  It allows information about the contents of the file to be understood by a human being without opening it.
Whether access to the resource is restricted or if it is open to the public.
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6 TD_VID_4DPuzzle18601__TD_Nilpferd
5 TD_VID_4DPuzzle18600__TD_Nilpferd
4 TD_VID_4DPuzzle18599__TD_Nilpferd
3 TD_VID_4DPuzzle18598__TD_Arbeitsvideo
2 TD_VID_4DPuzzle18597__TD_Umgebungsvideo
1 TD_VID_4DPuzzle18596__TD_Umgebungsvideo

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