ArchaeologicalObjectID TD_H-VI_u12_L4291

Basic Information
  • TD_FZ_3649__TD_H-VI_U12_L4291
  • Legacy ID td_h-vi_u12_l4291
    Creator of metadata Natalie Monschein
    Archaeological object ID TD_H-VI_u12_L4291
    Archaeological object comment None
    Position 5N|1O
    File is related to other TD resources TD_MD_4DPuzzle9766__Feldzeichnungen_Metadaten_H
    Comment from digitisation None
    Archaeological object type ofen
    Excavation object ID
  • TD_H-VI_u12_Planum10
  • TD_H-VI_u12_Planum11
  • Corresponding to archaeological object ID
  • td_h-vi_l4291