Fotosgescannt TD_SWdig_1001_30A__TD_Arbeitsfoto

Basic Information
Legacy ID td_swdig_1001_30a__td_arbeitsfoto
Creator of metadata Martina Simon
Creator of original photo Manfred Bietak
Creator of scan OREA
Filename TD_SWdig_1001_30A__TD_Arbeitsfoto
Document ID TD_SWdig_1001_30A
Document title TD_Arbeitsfoto
Filename old 0031_30A
Film number None
Photo number 30A
Creation date of analogue photo None
Creation date of scan 2017-12-04
Creation date of metadata 2018-02-16
Document type Schwarzweiß Fotonegativ digitalisiert__Arbeitsfoto
Resolution of scan None
Pixel size 6774x4492 pixels|174,1 MB
Comment on the original document None
Comment from digitisation None
Film ID TD_SWnegfilm_1966_1001
File extension of scan .tif
Copyright ÖAW (ÖAI/OREA)
Access restricted
Equipment used for scanning noritsuhs-1800