GIS TD_DR_4DPuzzle18663__RectifyTopographie_TEDRF08

Basic Information
Legacy ID td_dr_4dpuzzle18663__rectifytopographie_tedrf08
Creator of metadata Julian Posch
creator of archival object Irene Petschko
Document type Digital resource__Geoinformationssystem
Filename TD_DR_4DPuzzle18663__RectifyTopographie_TEDRF08
Document ID TD_DR_4DPuzzle18663
Document title RectifyTopographie_TEDRF08
Creation date of original document None
Software used AutoCAD|QGIS
Creation date of archival object 2019-02-28
Creation date of metadata 2019-07-17
Comment on the original document Koordinatenbezugssystem: TEDRF08
Comment from digitisation Ostdelta in der Umgebung von Tell el-Daba
File extension of original document .tif
File extension of archival object .tif
Copyright ÖAW (ÖAI/OREA)
Access restricted
Excavation object ID
  • TD_alle