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Organised workshops

  • Co-organisers (G. Hiebel, E. Aspöck) of ACDH Tool Gallery 4.1, Workshop on ontology engineering with a special focus on CIDOC CRM. 29. May 2018, Vienna/Austria.
  • Workshop organised at 11th ICAANE in Munich/Germany, 05.April 2018: K. Kopetzky and S. Wygnanska, “Middle Bronze Age Tombs and their Funerary Environment from Syria to Egypt “.
  • Organisation of CHNT Round table Long-term preservation and access: Where is an archive for my data?, 16. Nov. 2016, Vienna, Austria (Organizers: ARIADNE partners Edeltraud Aspöck (OREA), Guntram Geser (Salzburgresearch)) This round table raised many issues related to archaeological data archiving: political situation, standards, and practicalities. A new informal work group on archaeological data archiving was formed. On this occasion to connect archaeological data archivists to exchange good practice, discuss open questions, support each other and new projects in archiving tasks. The members are representatives from Archaeology Data Service (ADS, UK), IANUS project (German Archaeological Institute), EDNA DANS (Netherlands) and ÖAW 4DP Project (Aspöck, Hiebel, Ďurčo)
  • Organisation of ICAANE Workshop ‚Old Excavation Data – What can we do?’, 28. Apr. 2016, Vienna, Austria (Organizers: Edeltraud Aspöck, Karin Kopetzky, Seta Štuhec (OREA, ÖAW) Matthias Kucera (LBI ArchPro)). In this workshop projects dealing with resources from older or long-term excavations were brought together to discuss preservation strategies and cases of reuse. The discussions headed to how digitization strategies for vast amounts of analogue resources can be improved, how heterogeneous datasets of long-term projects can be integrated and finding ways to apply new digital methods to legacy datasets.
  • Organisation of ARIADNE Datenmanagement workshop, 19.Jan 2016 (Organizers: Edeltraud Aspöck, Seta Štuhec, Irene Petschko, Anja Masur (OREA, ÖAW), Kate Fernie (PIN and 2Culture Associates) and Holly Wright (Archaeology Data Service, ADS)) In this workshop key aspects of archaeological data management were presented to archaeologists mainly unfamiliar with data management. The current state of affairs in Austria and Europe, the creation of a data management plan, the reasons for special processes for archiving, choosing which data is to be archived and the required equipment were discussed in depth.
  • Organisation of Save the Data workshop, 2. Dec.2014, Vienna, Austria. (Organizers: Edeltraud Aspöck, OREA ÖAW, Matej Ďurčo, ACDH ÖAW) This workshop focused on the pressing question of long-term preservation of digital data. The challenges encountered during the whole lifecycle of archaeological data and already existing solutions were discussed.


Conferences and workshops attended


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